Ministry of Economic Affairs Joins Forces with ITRI and Compal for Groundbreaking International Drone Race: Introducing the Fastest Image Transmission via a Pioneer Private 5G Network (Powered by Saviah 5G Core Network Software)

Kaohsiung, Taiwan, Dec 8th, 2023

The Industrial Technology Research Institute (ITRI), supported by the Ministry of Economic Affairs (MOEA), collaborated with Compal Electronics to host the '5G Cyberpunk Drone Racing Night' in Kaohsiung. This event invited top international drone racers from France, Thailand, and Taiwan to compete using the world's first outdoor dual-band private 5G network. The network, featuring high bandwidth and ultra-low latency, enabled precise positioning of drones. Racers, wearing MR glasses, could control drones at high speeds up to 60km/h through obstacles. The event also included live broadcasting with multiple 4K cameras, offering viewers the racers' perspective.

About the innovative private 5G network solution

It comprises 5G small base stations, a 5G network management system and 5G MR glasses developed and provided by Compal, as well as Saviah 5GC. 

Highlights of the event


  1. This private 5G network's transmission technology significantly reduced latency.
  2. Racers could see MR images within 40ms and control drones, five times faster than standard 5G mobile transmission.
  3. The 5G network ensured precise positioning of drones at high speeds.


This development is expected to broaden the application of 5G technology in various sectors, including smart factories, exhibitions, transportation, and healthcare, thereby creating business value for enterprises.


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