Saviah Technologies, Inc. was founded by Professor Jyh-Cheng Chen of National Yang Ming Chiao Tung University (NYCU), who, with his team, developed free5GC—the world’s first open-source 5G core (5GC) network that complies with 3GPP R15 standards.

The highly experienced professional team at Saviah has made further improvements and enhancements over and beyond free5GC and accomplished a robust, commercially launched 5GC network software. The 5GC network is the brain of a 5G mobile network and realizes the full potential of 5G services. The Saviah 5GC software plays a crucial role in the end-to-end solutions for 5G private networks (PNs), and Saviah provides “5GC Software as a Service” to solution providers. Saviah builds solid partnerships to expand the global 5G PN market and create business value for diversified applications of enterprise 5G PNs.

Saviah, in Bunun (one of the Taiwanese aboriginal tribes) language, is referred to as Yushan, also known as Mount Jade, the highest mountain in Taiwan. Highlighting that Saviah 5GC is an innovative technology from Taiwan, it is expected that the future business development of the company will reach the pinnacle, similar to the fame of Yushan.

禾薪科技股份有限公司由國立陽明交通大學資訊學院陳志成院長創辦,其團隊所開發出的free5GC為全世界第一套依照3GPP R15國際標準所開發的開放原始碼5G核心網路。目前禾薪已將free5GC商用化,使其功能與性能更加強大且穩定。5G核心網路是5G專網的大腦,它在發揮5G服務的所有潛力有著至關重要的作用。禾薪發展5G核網「軟體即服務 (5GC Software as a Service)」的商業模式,並與多家國內外知名廠商合作並提出解決方案,開拓全球5G專網市場,創造企業5G專網多元應用的商業價值。

禾薪以布農族語的玉山(Saviah)為公司英文名,藉以凸顯Saviah 5GC是來自台灣的創新技術,並期許公司未來發展能登峰造極,如同玉山聲名遠播。

Saviah provides 5GC Software as a Service and creates business value using a B2B2X model.