Portable P5G

Saviah Technologies and Pegatron have joined forces to launch "Portable P5G" for easily deploying Private 5G Networks


The joint product offers an optimized, portable, and easy-to-deploy private 5G solution with broad temperature durability and edge computing capabilities, making it ideal for effortlessly building private networks for enterprises, campuses, and disaster response.


Featured Specs:


RAN Management System

FR1: n78, n79, n48

Up to 4 O-RU

Operation Temperature: -5°C ~ 55°C

‣Optional 5G Core: Saviah

Portable P5G, Source: Pegatron

Ideal for the private network of enterprises & smart campuses.

Reach out to our team today to explore how Saviah 5GC solutions can enhance your private 5G networks.