Smart Port

Joining forces with Alpha Network and Transnet, Saviah 5G Core Network enables the private 5G network at the first 5G Smart Port with the domestic first 5G 5W outdoor RU use case in Kaohsiung's Asia New Bay Area for ARGO Yacht Club.


Pioneering a New Era of Marine Recreation with Advanced Private 5G Solutions


ARGO Yacht Club, a leading marine recreation provider has capitalized on a 5G system to enhance their yacht rental operations. At the heart of this transformation is the Asia Bay Glory Pier, now home to the world’s first 5G smart yacht terminal.

This is made possible by AIoT applications and the innovative private 5G network solution implemented by system integrator, Transnet. The private 5G network solution incorporates Alpha Network's 5G end-to-end system and Saviah 5G Core Network (Saviah 5GC). This project is also known as the domestic first private 5G use case of the deployment of 5G 5W outdoor RUs. As a result, enterprise users can benefit from convenient, real-time services that monitor critical sectors around the yacht and the port.

*Private 5G Network with multiple 5W Outdoor RUs for the Smart Port of ARGO Yacht Club.

*P5G end-to-end solution architecture (provided by Transnet).

Saviah Technologies, an innovative 5G core network software provider, with its partners have played a pivotal role in transforming Kaohsiung's Asia New Bay Area into a world-leading smart port. This groundbreaking initiative marks a significant milestone in the application of outdoor 5G technology in marine and smart port.


Revolutionizing the Smart Port Experience


The services offered at the 5G smart port:

  • Real-time yacht tracking
  • Berth vacancy updating
  • Automated charging & Intrusion detection 
  • Drone patrols for personal safety and facilities security


*5G drone conducted surveillance tasks

The advantages of 5G networks that enable smart port include:

  • MMTC (Massive Machine Type Communications): 

This connects a variety of devices, such as sensors and drones.

  • EMBB (Enhanced Mobile Broadband): 

Provides high-speed transmission for sending video from drone surveillance tasks, essential for safety control analysis.

This smart port use case stands for a testament to the potential of 5G outdoor RU and ORAN systems, especially in the critical settings and environment.

Let’s reach out to our team today to explore how Saviah 5GC solutions can enhance your private 5G networks.