5G MR Drone Racing

Harnessing the Power of Private 5G Network (Powered by Saviah 5G Core network) for "Mixed Reality + Drone Racing" at Kaohsiung Esports Arena


Compal and the Industrial Technology Research Institute (ITRI) unveiled a thrilling fusion of mixed reality (MR) and 5G drone racing, all elevated by the prowess of private 5G networks that leveraged the Saviah 5G core network software.


The Power of Private 5G Networks

The need for real-time feedback, high-speed data transmission, and low latency is non-negotiable in an MR-enhanced drone race. With the robust 5G core network software provided by Saviah Technologies, Compal develop and deploy a seamless end-to-end solution.

Unparalleled Connectivity and Low Latency

This unparalleled connectivity means racers wearing MR glasses can rely on real-time positioning & feedback, leading to faster reaction times and a safer race.

Enhanced Viewer Experience

For those spectating, a seamless and immersive viewing experience is crucial. With 5G's high-speed data transmission capabilities, audiences can enjoy live-streamed MR & 360-degree drone perspectives in ultra-high definition. 

Scalable Network Infrastructure

A robust, scalable network is vital to support multiple drones, cameras, and user devices simultaneously. The private 5G network powered by Saviah 5GC guarantees that scalability, ensuring a smooth experience irrespective of user volume.

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To demonstrate 5G low latency,
real-time positioning, and MR technologies applied through a drone race.