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Advancing Smart Healthcare: Saviah Technologies Partners with NYCU's Digital Medicine Center for 5G-Enhanced Simulation Wards


Saviah Technologies has collaborated with the Digital Medicine Center, NYCU, to deploy private 5G networks for smart healthcare simulation wards at NYCU. The simulation wards equipped with private 5G networks provides a high-speed, low-latency, and more secured network for testing and verifying smart healthcare solutions.

This simulation ward offers an open platform for manufacturers and startup teams, bridging collaboration opportunities, fostering cross-domain integration to create business opportunities, aligning with strategic partners, and laying out the blueprint for smart healthcare and its distribution channels.

Let's explore how the private 5G network, powered by Saviah's 5G core, can enhance the capabilities of smart healthcare.


  • High-Speed Data Transfer:
    • 5G offers faster data transmission, which is crucial for real-time monitoring, big file transmission and rapid response in healthcare applications.
  • Low Latency:
    • Near-instant data processing and feedback is essential for applications like remote surgeries and real-time diagnostics.
  • Improved Security:
    • 5G provides advanced encryption and security features, ensuring patient data privacy and protection.


The objectives and benefits of the simulation ward :


Pinpointing Clinical Needs:

  • The primary goal is to identify precise clinical needs, ensuring that healthcare solutions address real-world challenges.


Incorporating Advanced Technologies:

  • Establishing cutting-edge medical information technologies.
  • Facilitating:
    • Advanced data analysis.
    • Seamless data transmission.
    • Secure data storage.


Integration with Existing Systems:

  • Emphasis on integrating with current medical information systems.


Simulation Testing:

  • Enables smart healthcare solutions to:
    • Undergo rigorous testing in simulated settings.
    • Be integrated effectively.
    • Transition smoothly to real-world hospital environments.

Source: Digital Medicine Center, NYCU

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Source: Digital Medicine Center, NYCU

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