Smart Manufacturing

Revolutionizing Manufacturing: The Transformative Power of Private 5G Networks powered by Saviah 5G core network software.


Ta Ya Electric Wire & Cable, Pioneer Machinery, and Transnet  joined forces to build a private 5G network and implement AIoT applications in Taya’s factory in Tainan. The private 5G network powered by Saviah 5G Core Network Software was built in the factory with dimensions of 170 m x 23 m, featuring a 5G RAN with 4 RU and 1 CDU. 
Through the introduction of 5G and AIoT applications, the three parties have created the cable industry's first "building-block type flexible smart production line," opening up a new production landscape for traditional cable manufacturing plants. 

The Result?

By harnessing the reliability and low latency of a private 5G network, each machinery equipment and quality control online system can be seamlessly integrated with the smart manufacturing application platform through 5G communications. This helps reduce downtime and effort for arranging new production lines, increases the production yield rate, accelerating the digital transformation and industrial automation.

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Private 5G networks offer a range of benefits to various industries by providing dedicated, high-performance, and secure wireless communication infrastructure. These benefits can transform operations, enhance efficiency, and open up new possibilities for innovation. Here are some key advantages of private 5G networks for manufacturing industry: 

Low Latency: 

Private 5G networks enable real-time monitoring and control of manufacturing processes, making it possible to implement automation and robotics with minimal delays.

Reliable Connectivity: 

Consistent,  accurate-positioning and low-latency connectivity reduces production downtime, improves overall equipment effectiveness (OEE), and lowers maintenance costs.

Quality Control: 

High-resolution cameras and sensors connected to private 5G networks allow for precise quality control and defect detection.