Private 5G Networks (PNs)

Private 5G Networks provide organizations with high-speed communications, low latency, and more security for an enormous array of applications, transforming their operations. Private 5G Networks can boost enterprises’ digital infrastructure more robustly and makes it easy to deploy and manage industry use cases, driven by Saviah 5G Core (Saviah 5GC) network .

Saviah 5G Core (Saviah 5GC) Powering Private 5G Networks to Enable Vertical Applications

Private 5G Networks Bring Benefits to Enterprises:

  • Providing a dedicated mobile infrastructure with industry-grade reliability and independently managed
  • Building a secure network with cellular-grade security, with sensitive data staying on premises
  • Obtaining a higher class of service for certain applications, e.g., low latency and QoS
  • Reducing dependency on fixed wide area network (WAN) service and the rapid deployment of broadband connectivity to new sites
  • Enabling enterprises to extend their internet of things (IoT) strategy to cover more locations or devices
  • Leveraging mobile edge computing and/or cloud-to-edge computing
  • Having a better-than-Wi-Fi network for outdoor/indoor seamless handover, public network fallback, and high precise positioning